ACU Michelin British Enduro ChampionshIp 2020
Round 1 9th February 2020
Hampshire Enduro Witley & District MCC

Not even Storm Ciara, one of the most violent for years, could stop the opening round of the ACU Michelin British Enduro Championship, which took place in Hampshire last weekend. Rosie made the bold decision to step it up a notch in 2020 and took her place in the Expert E2 class, with the aim of gaining precious experience and raising the level of her riding. Saturday, walking day, brought blue skies and hardly a breath of wind in what looked to be perfect conditions. With the already saturated ground however, having a good look at the pair of short tests was important as line choice was going to be key.

Sunday, race day, was a completely different story unfortunately, with the whole of the UK feeling the force of Storm Ciara. It was definitely a very tough day on the bike, with three long laps and a couple of tight checks to contend with. Rosie found her rhythm early on and was really buzzing, only down one minute on the going with test time getting better each time. Alas, the day deteriorated rapidly, and conditions were unbelievably dangerous, with hurricane winds, driving rain and a tree falling in one of the tests. Nevertheless, she completed her first Expert event but timed out after getting stuck in a deep bog near the finish.

Rosie: ‘It was a wet and boggy day and not a great deal of fun. I had some good test times so was happy with that. I had some issues with a bog on the last lap and struggled to get the bike out myself, which left me feeling very frustrated and took a lot of my remaining strength.’

As always, a huge thank you to all of Rosie’s sponsors and everyone who helped out.

Image courtesy of Vision Off-road Media.

Enduro World ChampionshIp 2019
Final Rd 27th - 29th September 2019 – Ambert, France

For the second consecutive year, the world’s best women gathered to contest the Women’s Enduro World cup at the final round of EWC.  This was Rosie’s first time at an event of this scale, which saw her gain a wealth of experience in addition to increasing confidence as the event progressed. Proceedings kicked off with the Friday evening Akrapovic Super Test; around a two-minute lap made up of short rock sections, steep inclines and tabletop jumps.  Rosie was pitted again French rider Elodie Chaplot and set a remarkable time of two minutes five seconds to place 4th in the Women’s class, 18 seconds ahead of Chaplot.

The schedule for the weekend consisted of three tests: extreme, enduro and cross test.  Rosie did two laps of each to make up six tests in total on Saturday, which was repeated on Sunday. In the Extreme Test, the rock and log sections were challenging, even for some of the GP riders and very different to what Rosie was used to.  There was a huge, steep uphill section that was designed only for the brave and attracted hundreds of spectators each lap in addition to drop offs of great magnitude. Although Rosie wasn’t feeling 100% following a recent crash, she did push and showed some really good test times but didn’t take any risks.

On the other hand, the Enduro Test was amazing!  It was smooth but challenging with a drop off, or jump if you wanted, out of a building, but it wasn’t for Rosie so she just took it very carefully. The cross test was mostly a flat field and it was very fast, allowing Rosie to push for a good time whilst slowly building her confidence. As opposed to Saturday, where Rosie was finding her feet, on Sunday she was able to gain faster test times and give it her all. Rosie placed in 10th position on both, to finish in 9th place at her first Enduro World Championship event. Rosie did remarkably well for her age and experience considering even some of the top riders commented that it was the hardest GP World event they had ridden in.

Rosie: ‘I have come away from my first ever GP having learnt so much and am sure this will help me with what I need to work on to be ready for the 6 days. A huge thank you to everyone who has helped and supported me all year round’. Image credit: Vision Off- road Media.

European Enduro ChampionshIp 2019
Round 4 6th - 8th September 2019 – Heinola, Finland

The fourth and final round of the European Enduro Championship, held at the former world championship motocross track, took place in Heinola, Finland.  Days one and two saw riders challenged to two enduro tests; test one being very technical, up through beautiful, landscaped Christmas trees mingled with nice rocks climbing up into the hillside, then meandering through the woodland. In contrast, test two was fast and flowing at the start lines, with trees all the way with the occasional U- turn and plenty of tree roots and stumps, with more technical steep hills and rock sections before the finish line.          

The third test, the MX test, was 11 kilometres away making a total of six tests on each day.  A torrential rainstorm however, made the 55km track and special tests hard going on the first day.  Rosie had an interesting start on day one; the going on the first test, after the rain storm, was okay but was very rocky and muddy and unfortunately, Rosie slid off a rock and dropped time. She fared better on tests two and three, which were fast and flowing and knuckled down, slowly gaining places to end the day in 8th position, completing two laps and six tests.

Rosie gave it her all on day two, finishing in 5th which bolstered her position to 6th place, coupled with a stunning win in the last test, giving her the boost she needed going in to the all-important final day – the MX race. Despite a fantastic MX ride, which saw Rosie come in third on the final day, the lost time on the first day, which was just much too much to pull back, left the coveted podium place just out of touch.

Rosie: ‘I was so disappointed not the make the podium but, on a more positive note, I have gained so much experience which will stand me in good stead for the 2020 Championship and the forthcoming World Enduro Championship in France, in two weeks’ time’. As always, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of Rosie’s sponsors, without whom none of this would be possible.  Image credit: Vision Off-road Media.

ACU British Enduro ChampionshIp 2019
Rounds 5&6 August 3rd & 4th 2019
Hafren Dirt Bike Club, Hafren Enduro

The penultimate round of the ACU British Enduro Championship took place on the first weekend of August.  The Hafren Dirt Bike Club ran an excellent traditional enduro with two special tests; an enduro and MX test with fire roads, steep downhill gullies on the going and meandering, grassy fields with two medium low logs to clear, thrown into the mix.

Rosie had a good weekend and posted fast times, despite slippery grass in the morning where she spun out but quickly got back on the bike.  A 4th place on day one and 6th on day two saw Rosie finish the weekend in 5th overall in the Clubman E2 Class.

Rosie: ‘Really happy with my riding to say I only came out of hospital two weeks ago, with a blood infection’.

As always, a huge thank you to all of Rosie’s sponsors and everyone who helped.

Image courtesy of Vision Off- road Media.

European Enduro ChampionshIp 2019
Round 3 29th – 30th June 2019 – Madona, Latvia

The third round of the European Enduro Championship headed to the town of Madona in Latvia. Surrounded by woodland, where Cross Country skiing is a popular sport, the weather was hot and dry with an occasional breeze; a complete contrast to the previous two rounds The MX test was fast and flowing followed by a steep uphill on the go-in. The Enduro test was half MX and half enduro, with some tough uphills. The ground chopped up quite quickly, making the course rough, bumpy and dusty.

On day one, Rosie was running her best ever times and was second in standings to last test but was caught out by a root and lost one minute, dropping her down to 6th position. Despite an even hotter day two, Rosie again posted fantastic test times but made some silly mistakes on the last two tests, by which time the ground was well chopped up, to finish in 5th place. Overall, it has been a very positive weekend for Rosie, who has now pulled up to 4th in champion standings. However, the Women’s class is very competitive with very close test times and there will be no room for mistakes as the top five are all striving for a podium finish.

Rosie: ‘I was so mad with myself for making silly mistakes but It’s all down to Finland now for last two rounds. I need to give it all I have to gain a podium’. As always, a huge thank you to all of Rosie’s sponsors who helped out in Latvia.

Image courtesy of Vision Off-road Media.

ACU British Enduro ChampionshIp 2019
Rounds 3&4 May 24th - 25th 2019
Dirt Bike Action, Lakeland 2-Day Enduro

What a change of weather for the third and fourth rounds of the ACU British Enduro Championship in Graythwaite nr Lake Windermere. Saturday started sunny and warm, with just one special test to challenge the riders. The going was challenging with steep uphill climbs, traverse narrow paths and hidden tree roots.

Rosie posted good test times in E2 Clubman class with the boys, circulating in the top four over three laps of approximately a 20 mile loop. She was really pleased with 5th in class on Saturday, out of 27 starters and finished just before the drizzle started.

Rain throughout Saturday night, which continued until 12 noon on Sunday, saw the day reduced to two laps and riders given extra time due to the challenging conditions. Rosie had another good ride on Sunday and came through, despite a few offs after battling with the large, exposed tree roots and managed to stay on time to finish in 6th position.

As always, a huge thank you to all of Rosie’s sponsors and everyone who helped out in Cumbria.

Image courtesy of Vision Off-road Media.

European Enduro ChampionshIp 2019
Round 2 May 18th - 19th 2019 – Brezno, Slovakial

It was a mixed bag of results for Rosie, at the second round of the European Enduro Championship, in Slovakia. The course was quite extreme, set in a mountainous area with lots of uphills and steep downhills, along with adverse cambers and slippery ground. With three special tests each day: Motocross, Enduro and Extreme coupled with sunshine, rain, thunder and lightning, there was plenty to challenge the riders.

Rosie started off well on day one and was in the top three after the first lap, the bike was running well and she was feeling confident. The second lap however was a bit of a disaster as a fractured front brake line led to her eventually losing fluid and control of the front brake. This caused major issues in the downhills as she ended up cartwheeling down a steep hill and hitting a tree thus losing time and adding points. Despite suffering with lower back pain and feeling quite battered and bruised, she battled on to finish in 8th place. Day two was a different story however. With the bike repaired, she had a fantastic day, finishing in second place, despite torrential rainstorms and cyclonic conditions, which caused many riders to lose time.

Rosie: ‘I was really pleased with how the weekend went despite a bit of bad luck on Saturday. I was running third in tests but having no front brake, left me with 8th. I had a good second day, enjoying it a lot more and finished in second, leaving me fifth overall at my second European. I have taken lots on board for the next round in Latvia’. As always, a huge thank you to all of Rosie’s sponsors and everyone who helped in Slovakia.
Image Credit: Vision Off-road Media.


European Enduro ChampionshIp 2019
Round 1 April 6th - 7th 2019 – Gois, Portugal

Continuous, torrential rain and thunderstorms tested riders to the max at the opening round of the European Enduro Championships in Portugal. With riding conditions on par with extreme riding, the track had to be cut from 60 km to 47 km and shortened to two laps as well as the removal of some hill climbs.  Many riders retired and of those that managed the two days, some were hit with time penalty points.

Despite a fault on the opening cross test on day one, Rosie soon found her rhythm and put in some good test times on the two enduro tests and second cross test and was running in the top three for most of the day, but the addition of time penalty points saw her finish the day in 7th position. Day two proved as challenging, if not more difficult as deep ruts set in, mud so deep the going became impassable and the special tests all but destroyed.  Rosie dug deep, never gave up and finished the day in 7th and 7th overall in the standings.

Rosie: ‘This has been the most challenging ride I have ever experienced but one that I will take the most from.  My first European has been a baptism of fire and a massive learning curve but I will be back, a lot wiser and stronger than ever’.

As always, a huge thank you to all of Rosie’s sponsors and everyone who helped in Portugal.
Image Credit: Vision Off-road Media.


ACU British Enduro ChampionshIp 2019
Round 2 March 17th 2019 – Xmoor Enduro – Brass Monkeys

The second round of the BEC moved to the South West in Tiverton in Devon, for the annual Brass Monkeys Enduro. Despite a week of rain preceding the event, the course looked to be in good shape but overnight rain on Saturday meant that competitors had to be pulled in and out of the pits with tractors. The sun came out on Sunday with stormy clouds hovering on the horizon, but the rain held off thankfully or it would have been a completely different day.

Rosie relished in the muddy conditions, repeating her opening round success with a consistent second place in the Clubman E2 class and 13th overall.

Rosie: ‘Both tests were challenging; flowing, stubble fields, which were zigzagging to start, with all terrain woods and boggy bits that got bigger and ruts which became deeper. The stubble fields were slippery at the start, but by the end of the day the ground had dried out considerably.  I really enjoyed the far test away from the pits (test one). All would have been different if the rain had arrived Sunday, but we had sunshine with a cool wind.  I finished the day with a smile and lots of mud.’

A huge thank you to all my sponsors and welcome on board to the new sponsors who have joined the team. Here’s hoping for a successful 2019 season.


ACU British Enduro ChampionshIp 2019
Round 1 February 24th 2019– Dorset Enduro Ltd– Challenger Enduro

An unseasonal start to Round 1 of the ACU British Enduro Championship saw riders treated to warm, sunny and dry conditions after a chilly start.  The day consisted of two tests; an MX test, which was fast and spread over two deep sand bowls with firestone tracks to transfer from one of the other and an Enduro test, set in woodland, which was long and relentless with soft, fluffy dirt littered with roots and stumps.

Rosie, contesting the Clubman E2 class for the first time, kick-started her 2019 campaign with a stunning ride to place second in this very competitive class and 12th overall in the Clubman ranks, of which over 60 riders contested.

Rosie: ‘The MX test was on rough, hard ground with deep ruts, large puddles and boggy bits but nothing really challenging.  I really enjoyed this track and managed good, fast times.  The Enduro test was fast and flowing with one log to climb, which was not too hard and I did I with ease. There were plenty of trees and stumps and a few mistakes, which cost time, but I was straight back on the bike and am really pleased with the result’.

A huge thank you to my sponsors and welcome on board to the new sponsors who have joined the team.  Here’s hoping for a successful 2019 season.