Tong British Extreme Round 1 14.01.18  
AM Race - PM Race  
Ashby Winter Series Race 28.12.17  
Steady Eddy Extreme at H2O  
Bicton 05.11.17  
Kids race - Adults race  
Steady Eddy at Cowm 29.10.17  
Bicton 08.10.17  
Kids race - Adults race  
Hawkstone Park 24.09.17  
National Race  
Rock Oil XC at Greenhall Farm  
Kids Race - Adult Race  
ACU British Sprint Greenhall Farm  
GBXC at Bicton: AM Race. PM Race  
ACU British Sprint Championship at Bicton  
Rock Oil XC at Deuxhill  
Youth race - AM race - PM race  
Rock Oil XC at H2O Slow Pete series Rd.1 at Shuckburgh Hall
Youth Race - Adults Race  
  AMCA Rock Oil H&H at Wymeswold
Ratlinghope Rock Oil 4.06.17  
AM Race - PM Race Cotswold EC Rock Oil H&H
Tyn Twll 28.08.16
H2O Practice Day 7.05.17  
Main Track - Kids Track Rock Oil H&H plus Slow Pete at Llansilin
Rock Oil XC at Brakehill Farm Rock Oil H&H rd4 at Long Compton 19.06.16
Kids Race - AM Race - PM Race  
Bicton Practice Weekend Slow Pete at Shuckburgh 08.05.16
Saturday - Sunday  
  Rock Oil H&H Rd 2 Shuckburgh 24.04.16
Westwood GBXC Round 1 2.04.17  
AM Race - PM Race Wymeswold 28.02.16
H20 Practice Day 26.03.17 CEC Wymeswold with Enduroland
Main track - Kids track  
  Rock Oil H&H Final Round
at Wymeswold. 11.10.15
Rock Oil XC Rd.1 at Bicton  
Youth Race - Lap For Joe - AM Race - PM Race Extreme Ironman/Team at Rockfield
Bicton FED Day 11.03.17 Rock Oil H&H at Ashby Moto Park 13.09.15
Eds Of The Valley Llansillin 19.07.15 (it's titled Selattyn but it is Llansillin)
AM race - PM Race  
  Slow Pete Rd.4
Eddys Xtreme at Cowm at Long Compton
AM Gallery 1 - AM Gallery2 - PM Gallery  
  Slow Pete Rd.3
Eddys X-treme at Tong at Ashby de la Zouche
AM Race - PM Race - PM Race2  
  CEC AMCA Rock Oil H&H Monmouth 24.05.15
Keith & Eddy's Xmas XC 27.12.16 main race
Youth race - Adults Race  
  Two man Xtreme at Shuckburgh Hall. 10.05.15
Winter Series Final Round. Bicton main race
Youth - Adults Group A - Adults Group B  
Wild Westwood  
Main Race - Night race Slow Pete at Shuckburgh Hall. 26.04.15
  main race
Winter Series Round 3 at Bicton Farm
Youth races
Vets B, Sportsman, Novice races
Expert ,Clubman, Vets A races
  Club Championship & AMCA Rock Oil H&H rd.3

Winter Series Hilton Moto Parc
Adults race - Youth race

Shuckburgh Hall. 05.04.15. Main Race
Hilton Moto Parc Practice Day  
  Club Championship & AMCA Rock Oil H&H rd.2
Winter Championship
Adult Race - Youth Race
Edgehill Quarry. 15.03.15. Main Race
Rock Oil XC at Brake Hill Farm. 25.09.16  
Adults Race - Youth Race  
Husqvarna Demo Day & FED Day. 24.09.16  
H2O Practice 10.09.16  
Meet the Edmondsons at Ashby Moto Park  
ACU GBXC British Sprint Enduro Championship  
at Westwood. Saturday. ---Sunday  
Rock Oil XC at Green Hall Farm
Youth Gallery - Adult Gallery 1 - Adult Gallery 2
H2O Practice Day 14.08.16  
Eddy's H2O Classic Extreme  
Rock Oil Xc at Castle Caerienion  
Youth Race - Adult Race  
Rock Oil Xc at Ashby  
Youth - AM Race - PM Race  
ACU GBXC Sprint at H2O  
Championship Expert Clubman Saturday - Sunday  
Vets Sportsman Novice Ladies Youth Saturday  
Fast Eddy Team & Ironman race at Bicton  
ACU GBXC British Sprint Championship  
Day One: Champ Exp Club - Youth Vets Sports  
Day Two: Champ Exp Club - Youth Vets Sports  
Rock Oil Xc Rd1 at Bicton  
Youth race - Lap for Joe - Am race - PM race  
Ashby 27.12.15  
Youth - Adults  
Winter Series at Bicton  
Youth - Adult  
Hawkstone FED Day - Pro Exp Club Sprint
Youth Sports Novice Sprint - Sunday Youth Race -
Steady Eddy AM Race - Original Fast Eddy PM Race
Rock Oil Xc Rd 8 at Ashby  
Youth race - AM race - PM race  
Enduro-X at Ashby: All races  
Steady Eddy, Youth Race & GBXC Rd.3  
Sprint Nationals  
Pro Expert Clubman Clubman Vets  
Sportsman Sportsman Vets Novice Youth Under 13's  
Rock Oil XC. Rd.7 at Llanfillin  
Youth - AM Race - PM Race  
Eddy's Extreme Rd.3  
Am Race - PM Race  
Rock Oil XC rd.6 at H2O  
Youth - AM Race - PM Race  
Rock Oil XC rd.5 at Brake Hill Farm  
Youth - AM Race - PM Race  
Steady Eddy & GBXC at Rogers Hill  
Steady Eddy - ACU GBXC  
GBXC Sprint at Rogers Hill  
ProExClub - YouthNovSports  


Rock Oil XC rd.4 at Castle Caereinion. 26.04.15  
Youth - AM Race - PM Race  
Rock Oil XC rd.3 at Ashby. 12.04.15  
Youth - AM Race - PM Race  
GBXC & Sprint Nationals. rd.1 at Selattyn. 28-29.03.15  
Sprint Pro Exp Club - Sports Nov Vets  
Steady Eddy AM Race - GBXC PM Race  
Rock Oil XC rd.2 at Bicton 08.03.15  
Youth - AM Race - PM Race  
Rock Oil XC rd.1 at Butts Quarry. 22.02.15  
Youth - AM Race - PM Race  
Eddys Xtreme Enduro. Tong. 25.01.15  
AM Race - PM Race