This website is sponsored by Edmondson Racing and is designed as a stepping-stone to other websites where more extensive information on the sport of Enduro may be found. This site will supply information specifically concerning the 2014 ACU British Enduro Championship, its events, organisors and sponsors.
The Putoline Yorkshire 2-Day Enduro. May 2-3rd.



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Lossiemouth Enduro. April 4-5th. By Barry Hamilton

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Those riders familiar with this forest on the Moray Firth will know that despite its relatively flat and unremarkable appearance it is the venue
for one of the toughest enduros on the Scottish circuit.

As always, the riders need no reminder that they are arent here for an easy day in the woods. The first check is around 8 miles and takes the
riders through mainly well worn routes and includes some tight trails, loose rocky going and the familiar roots and stumps. The next check is
approximately 10 miles of hard riding and includes a lot of new ground that takes riders to the special test.

The test is long by any standards taking around 45 minutes to walk experts will be taking around 6 minutes to ride it and it takes riders
onto the infamous Lossie 'Dunes of Death',(the question has been asked and as far as we are aware nobody has actually died). Riders leave the toil of the dunes to get a blast along the beach and some sea air in thier lungs before following the narrow dune ridge back back to the
flying finish.

As check times are tightened and riders tire on later laps the sandy nature of the test saps the energy forcing errors. Eventually the test
ends and there is a relatively straightforward (by Lossie standards) ride to the end of the lap. We are very happy to have the support of our Club sponsor Ricky Mair of Highland Temporary Works Ltd and thanks also to Edmondson Racing for their help and and continued support of the British Enduro Championship.

We will have a caterer on site and there will be a skip provided so please use this as it is very important that we keep any trace of our presence in the forest to a bare minimum. We also hope to have a bouncy castle on site which will be free to use while by children aged 12 and under but please ensure that your child is supervised while using it. To date we have 130 entries recieved and the closing date for the event is the 21st of this month.

Number boards/stickers.

Main number boards will not be supplied this season. Instead, three stickers, which must be affixed un-cut as per ACU regulations and clearly visible, will be provided to every rider for each bikes front and side number boards.

Four inch numbers will be on sale throughout the event.

Thanks to the sponsors

Once again the British Enduro Championship has attracted a host of top quality, enduro-mad sponsors. Edmondson Racing, Metzeler, Pro Seal, Voltcom and Putoline are joined this season by Chris Edwards of P3 Carbon / P3 Racing.

A big welcome to Chris who is already supporting several riders with bits and pieces (check out all the carbon fibre hand guards and pipe protectors) in addition to Circuit clothing.

Thanks to all our sponsors, it wouldnt happen without you!